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About Taft Construction

For over thirty years, Mike Taft has been adding to and improving the appearance of the North Shore.  He set out with a pickup truck and a simple goal: to be an honest carpenter with a track record of the highest quality and a refreshing level of customer service.  It wasn't a business plan as much as it was simply his personality.  In his trademark quiet and unassuming way, he completed project after project with an artistic level of craftsmanship.  As his list of impressed and satisfied customers grew, so did his stream of referral-based phone calls.  

Rather than grow to a size which might cause him to only be the name behind Taft Construction, Mike elected to manage his customer list judiciously.  At times, he was forced to delay project requests from customers until his calendar allowed him to fully devote himself to that client.  Rather than sending these potential customers scurrying for a name from the yellow pages, most would simply adjust their own calendars and wait for Taft Construction.  Mike's reputation was creating this phenomenon.  Now that Taft Construction focuses on additions and renovations, and has largely removed themselves from the new home construction game, calendar management has become much easier.

If you've found this website, it is likely that you have seen our work and been referred by one of our customers.  We very much appreciate you looking us up, and are always grateful to our existing customers for these types of recommendations.

Please feel free to visit our Contact Us page and drop us a line.  We're always happy to discuss any project with you, without obligation.